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Ordering Flowers from Hawaii

Sending flowers from Hawaii can present many questions to the first time buyer.

First, which flowers should you select? Although Hawaii has many fragrant flowers the more fragrant blooms tend to have the shortest lives. They attract insects for pollination based upon smell and die soon after. Longer lasting blooms attract pollinators based on the shape and color of the flower and that takes more time in nature.

Your best choices for long lasting tropical flowers are anthuriums, heliconia, bird of paradise, orchids and protea. Many of these can last two weeks or more. Orchids are the most long lasting for fresh Hawaiian leis.

Short-lived cut flowers include plumeria, hibiscus, pikake, Micronesian ginger and gardenia. This can also include those same flowers when used for leis.

Another concern is the cost of shipping. To arrive fresh your flowers must be sent by a fast shipper like FedEx or UPS. This can be expensive for one or two day delivery. Shipping costs include boxes, packing material and labor. Fortunately many Hawaiian flower shippers have negotiated rates with these companies and receive discounts they pass on to you. Check shipping costs with several companies before ordering.

Finally consider when to order. Most companies will allow you to select the delivery date for your flowers. This is so they do not arrive too late or too early for your occasion or gift. You should order well in advance. Flowers are agricultural commodities and are subject to demand as well as others. So to insure you get the flowers you want give the shipper time to locate and set aside your selection. This is especially true during busy times such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and, for fresh leis, graduation season.

Shipping times vary according to your location. Every point in the US can be reached in 2 business days and that will provide fresh delivery by FedEx or UPS. FedEx delivers to California and major west coast locations overnight with Priority or Standard service, excluding weekends. Overnight service is available to Seattle, Boise, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland and Anchorage. Check with your shipper or FedEx before you order to make sure.

Ordering flowers from Hawaii need not be a stressful order. Your Hawaiian flower company can help you with flower selection and shipping method. Just begin the process ahead of time so you can get exactly what you want when you need it.