Hawaiian gifts

Hawaiian Gift Baskets – Choosing Local Flavors

What should go in a Hawaiian gift basket?

Hawaii is home to many unique items for making your gift special and memorable.

First are snacks, both sweet and savory. Hawaiian macadamia nuts are a standard in the world. They are grown on the eastern Big Island and have found their way into candy, cookies, and cakes. Of course they are delicious on their own. Expect to pay a little more for whole nuts as opposed to pieces.

Also unique to Hawaii is Kona coffee. Grown on the opposite side of the Big Island Kona coffee comes in several special varieties. Careful, some coffee is sold as Kona with as little as 10% true Kona coffee. The rest may be from South America or Asia.

A popular spice in Hawaii is Li Hing. It comes from China and includes dried plum. It is used to season dried fruit, especially mango. Li Hing mango is easy to find in Hawaii but may not be on the US mainland.

Hawaii is also a mecca for growing cacao to make chocolate. Local chocolate can be used in candy bars, cookies or to cover macadamia nuts.

So when choosing or creating a Hawaiian gift basket keep in mind the many choices you have for truly local treats.


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