Ordering Flowers from Hawaii

Sending flowers from Hawaii can present many questions to the first time buyer.

First, which flowers should you select? Although Hawaii has many fragrant flowers the more fragrant blooms tend to have the shortest lives. They attract insects for pollination based upon smell and die soon after. Longer lasting blooms attract pollinators based on the shape and color of the flower and that takes more time in nature.

Your best choices for long lasting tropical flowers are anthuriums, heliconia, bird of paradise, orchids and protea. Many of these can last two weeks or more. Orchids are the most long lasting for fresh Hawaiian leis.

Short-lived cut flowers include plumeria, hibiscus, pikake, Micronesian ginger and gardenia. This can also include those same flowers when used for leis.

Another concern is the cost of shipping. To arrive fresh your flowers must be sent by a fast shipper like FedEx or UPS. This can be expensive for one or two day delivery. Shipping costs include boxes, packing material and labor. Fortunately many Hawaiian flower shippers have negotiated rates with these companies and receive discounts they pass on to you. Check shipping costs with several companies before ordering.

Finally consider when to order. Most companies will allow you to select the delivery date for your flowers. This is so they do not arrive too late or too early for your occasion or gift. You should order well in advance. Flowers are agricultural commodities and are subject to demand as well as others. So to insure you get the flowers you want give the shipper time to locate and set aside your selection. This is especially true during busy times such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and, for fresh leis, graduation season.

Shipping times vary according to your location. Every point in the US can be reached in 2 business days and that will provide fresh delivery by FedEx or UPS. FedEx delivers to California and major west coast locations overnight with Priority or Standard service, excluding weekends. Overnight service is available to Seattle, Boise, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland and Anchorage. Check with your shipper or FedEx before you order to make sure.

Ordering flowers from Hawaii need not be a stressful order. Your Hawaiian flower company can help you with flower selection and shipping method. Just begin the process ahead of time so you can get exactly what you want when you need it.


Hawaiian Gift Baskets – Choosing Local Flavors

What should go in a Hawaiian gift basket?

Hawaii is home to many unique items for making your gift special and memorable.

First are snacks, both sweet and savory. Hawaiian macadamia nuts are a standard in the world. They are grown on the eastern Big Island and have found their way into candy, cookies, and cakes. Of course they are delicious on their own. Expect to pay a little more for whole nuts as opposed to pieces.

Also unique to Hawaii is Kona coffee. Grown on the opposite side of the Big Island Kona coffee comes in several special varieties. Careful, some coffee is sold as Kona with as little as 10% true Kona coffee. The rest may be from South America or Asia.

A popular spice in Hawaii is Li Hing. It comes from China and includes dried plum. It is used to season dried fruit, especially mango. Li Hing mango is easy to find in Hawaii but may not be on the US mainland.

Hawaii is also a mecca for growing cacao to make chocolate. Local chocolate can be used in candy bars, cookies or to cover macadamia nuts.

So when choosing or creating a Hawaiian gift basket keep in mind the many choices you have for truly local treats.

Tips to Buying Hawaiian Flowers Online

16Thoughtful selection of flowers can add life to an event or occasion. Even though there are numerous flowers for such occasion, Hawaiian flowers still stand out. If you are looking to find a florist with the best flowers then you should find a Hawaiian florist. Fortunately, it is easy to do so online especially if the florist is renowned for getting flowers directly from local farmers. This is the only thing that guarantees you quality and durability. Here are some of the things which when considered will assure you of quality choice of florists.

Consider reviews and testimonials

Buying flowers online is a challenge because you are not purchasing from a conventional dealer. When you are reviews and testimonials, chances are that you will know which florist is right for your needs. This is a sure way of ensuring that quality is maintained through the florist good reputation. Excellent florist have what it takes to meet your needs from having dealt with different clients and flower varieties before.

A good online florist should advise you on which Hawaiian flowers to choose for your event. It is important to get the right theme especially for occasions. A good florist has worked with different people for different occasions and will have an idea what works for different occasions.

Search on flower websites only

The benefit of purchasing Hawaiian flowers from an informed florist is the fact that you will be able to handle the processing of flowers and still maintain them fresh. All you need to do is to provide a forwarding address that the florist will deliver the flowers as well as the specific time you want the flowers delivered. Find out if the florist has direct connection with flower producers because this determines the freshness of the flowers at the time of delivery especially if you are interested in getting fresh cuts only.

Consider varieties

Purchasing flowers online can be intimidating and exciting. It is not easy to tell if the florist has what you need because your proof is pictorial displays. Unlike a flower shop where you can know for sure if your flowers are available, the same does not apply to online florists. On the other side, online florist will give you the opportunity to get whatever you want without limiting your choices. The Hawaiian florist will create a flower arrangement only after you have decided on the arrangement that you need. Online florist show clients possible flower arrangements and only after selection will they find the flowers. After all, online florist are able to supply a wider variety of hawaiian orchids. Focusing on choosing a florist whose turnaround you can trust should be your priority.

Take care whom you trust when purchasing flowers online. Look at different sites before you make any decision.